Facebook pages

A few Facebook pages which might help you keep up to date with the latest protest news and plans:
UK Uncut
Coalition of Resistance
Stay 4 1 day
If there are any others which I should know about, email me on revolutionaryresources@gmail.com

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The Green and Black Cross

A phone number we should all have when attending any protests – 07946 541511, the helpline of the Green and Black Cross, “Supporting grassroots environmental and social justice struggles”.

Briefly, for those who can’t be bothered to click though, they have 3 wings. Legal Support, Street Medics, and Action Kitchens.

So write down the number, visit their website, and support them if you can, because they might be the ones getting you out of jail, giving you first aid, or making you food and tea during a long cold night of protest!


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The Secret Rally that Sparked an Uprising

Of course a lot of the inspiration for this blog has come from watching the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. Here’s a good article about how they first managed to take Tahrir Square, even in the face of police more brutal than the Met!

The Secret Rally that Sparked an Uprising

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First post

Ok, so I wanted a way to anonymously yet publicly collect resources for all the people planning to attend protests in the UK over the next few months. This is it.  Please have patience, because this is my first anonymous blog, and it’s harder than it should be!

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