Resisting, avoiding and adapting to police tactics

An excellent guide to public order situations – vital reading:


which contains the great suggestion that “Temporary stationary demonstrations which are disruptive but disperse the moment the cops arrive confound police organisation.” Also, the general suggestion that if kettled, protesters must “become a community” – talk to each other, share supplies, discuss tactics and work together.

It also contains links to a 6-part series of articles on the police’s Public Disorder tactics:

These are quite lengthy, and if you’re only going to read one (although I recommend them all) I think the last of these is the one most important for protesters “on the ground”. It covers shield maneouvers, mounted police, police dogs, “snatch squads”, baton charges, tactical use of vehicles (including driving vans through the crowd), smoke grenades, plastic bullets and CS gas.

I also found this translation of 9 pages from the Egyptian revolutionary pamphlet “How to protest intelligently”.

And finally, a random tip from the miners’ protests back in the 80’s for discouraging mounted police charges: have a few handfuls of marbles in your pockets, and accidentally drop them in your rush to get out of the way. Horses really don’t like feeling the ground slide around under them. Obviously, it won’t work on the grass of Hyde Park, but in the streets it could be very effective.

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